Herbs and spices in our foods have served the purpose of flavouring throughout the years, but also to provide boosts of nutrition and wellness. Usually, one can easily decipher the cook behind a meal based on herbs and spices known to that cook. Much more than the taste, various herbs and spices can help to improve memory and prevents diseases and illness.

While their values might be reduced during the heating process, several herbs and spices can restrain the oxidative effect from carcinogenic compounds and unstable fat.  Others simply add flavor or aid and protect the body from radical harm hence boosting he immune system

Here is a list of 15 herbs and spices with strong health benefits:


Thyme is found in many homes as it is an important ingredient in preparing rice including Nigerian jollof rice. Thymol, which is the antioxidant found in thyme, is known to prevent infection. Thyme can be used as a cleaner and mouthwash due to its minty properties.



Cinnamon gives food a rich flavour

Cinnamon is one popular spice used by bakers and food companies.
The cinnamaldehyde compound of cinnamon triggers its medicinal importance and makes it a useful antioxidant to control inflammation and also reduce the blood’s cholesterol level. Cinnamon reduces the sugar level thereby serving as a strong anti-diabetic spice


Sage leaf

Sage was lauded during the middle-ages for its healing properties. While its importance was not limited at that time, sage is now known to be a herb that helps in improving the brain’s function and memory. People with Alzheimer disease can also experience a significant improvement in the way their brains function with the use of sage.

Cayenne pepper

If you want to make a really spicy dish, you should go for Cayenne pepper. This type of chilli pepper contains capsaicin, an active compound that helps burn body fat and reduce appetite. Most of the known weight loss supplement include Cayenne pepper as one of their active ingredients.


If you are familiar with curry, you should know that the active ingredient that gives curry its yellow colour is tumericRecently, it has become a common ingredient used by beauticians in reducing acne and blackheads. The main compound for its medicinal importance is Curcumin. Curcumin is the antioxidant that fights and control oxidative damages in the cell. While oxidative damage is known to cause ageing and diseases, Curcumin helps the body to release its own antioxidant to fight and prevent diseases. It is also significant for its anti-inflammatory element.


Ginger is popular for spicing for foods and homemade drinks. Amongst others, it is a popular flavour used in Soymilk to prevent a nauseating feeling. It is also used for morning sickness in pregnant women and seasickness. While functioning as an anti-inflammatory, Ginger can also help to manage pains.


Rosemary’s active ingredient in Rosmarinic acid. This herb serves as an active substance to reduce nasal congestion and allergy effects, making it a perfect spice for teas and soups. During food preparation, the inclusion of rosemary prevents heterocyclic aromatic amines that are formed when frying.


Garlic has come to be known over the years as a medicinal herb and also a kitchen spice. The main ingredient in Garlic is Allicin and that is the ingredient responsible for its peculiar smell. Garlic supplement is useful in combating common cold and beneficial in reducing high cholesterol and high blood pressure.



Peppermint is known for its health properties. The peppermint oil can help manage pains and relief the bowels of irritable activities.It is even mixed with petroleum jelly to help suit pain Peppermint also to reduce abdominal bloating in the digestive system. Peppermint aromatherapy is effective in treating nausea that could result from surgery or labour.


Ginseng is a herb that helps in the process of homeostasis. It keeps the body active without increasing or reducing its effect. With its ability to improve a person’s mood and mental performance, it is best used as a spice for home-made drinks. The significant study has also shown that Ginseng helps to cure dementia and aids in total cognitive development.

Black pepper

Black pepper  commonly known as Peppercorn. It is known as one of the top ten commonly traded spice in the world. Its bio-availability property makes it beneficial to add black pepper with other spices as it transports the benefits of these spices to required parts of the body. It serves as a natural supplement for weight loss just like cayenne pepper as well as provides respiratory relief.

These spices have a significance not only in your kitchen, but in your body also


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