The tomato, of course, is not poisonous vegetable (at least it wont kill you right away), but the Europeans were right to be wary of it. There are plenty of fruits, vegetables, tubers, and other plants that we heartily consume that are, secretly, dangerous to our health if prepared or eaten improperly. Here are some you may not have known about which you each so often

4. Tomato

Tomato is NOT poisionous but the other parts are, so please be careful

I know, I just said the tomato isn’t poisonous. The fruit isn’t, but the leaves, roots, and stem (and, in limited doses, even some unripe fruit) are rich in tomatine, an alkaloid that’s mildly toxic to humans. It won’t kill you unless you chow down pounds and pounds of it, but it is likely to cause you some gastrointestinal distress.

3. Apples, Cherries, and Apricots

The seeds in apples are very bitter and unpleasant

The seeds of all of these fruits are not considered edible; they’re hard, bitter, and very unpleasant. But did you know that the bitter flavor of those seeds are a protective element: The plant puts it there to discourage animals like us from destroying them. And it comes from a substance called amygdalin, which turns into cyanide when it comes into contact with acids in the human digestive system. Cherries, apricots, peaches, and nectarines have this substance in much higher concentrations than in apples, but all of the seeds and pits in these fruits are fantastically tough. Even if you swallowed some,just know there is No big deal. Your body will simply pass them out. That said, please do not pulverize and then consume cherry pits. Thank me later.

2. Kidney Beans

kidney beans
Kidney beans…all beans in general should be properly cooked

Many legumes can cause mild gastrointestinal distress when undercooked, but red kidney beans (the kind almost always used in chilli) are special. Kidney beans contain phytohaemagglutinin, a chemical compound that I will always have to copy and paste because are you kidding me with that word and its true(LOL). Ingestion of even just a few under-cooked kidney beans can cause some serious diarrhoea and vomiting.From experience, it’s not fatal and rarely results in hospitaliztion it’s not fatal and rarely results in hospitalization, but it’s fairly common for people to end up sick after chomping down on some merely soaked beans.

1. Cashews

Cashew nut
Cashew nuts should be boiled and not eaten’s dangerous

Cashews (the nuts i mean) are another delicious product that should never, ever be eaten raw. (When you buy them, they’ve usually been roasted and they are very nutritious too) Native to the Amazon, the cashew is not really a nut, but rather a seed that protrudes oddly from the bottom of fruit  called the cashew fruit. You may have noticed that cashews are never found in their shell as almonds or peanuts are, and that’s because when raw, they’re covered with anacardic acid(from the family anacardaiceae), closely related to the acid that makes poison ivy so irritating. It’s much worse when you eat it.


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