Fresh garden potatoes
Fresh garden potatoes

A garden is a small piece of land just really close to a house or any residential area at all. Most people have gardens that they tend to so they don’t have to visit the grocery store all the time and I am sure we all have that mini garden we tend to either during the weekends or during the holidays and we would love to make that garden better  Here are some tips on how to grow a better garden

Test your soil to see if it is acidic or alkaline

1DIY pH Test

A simple pH test i.e. a DIY could save you a lot of stress and money when you do a simple pH test all by yourself. Not that getting a professional to do it for you is a bad idea. Your soil could either be acidic or sometimes alkaline and you must ensure that you amend the soil condition in order to suit the plant you wish to cultivate.To properly do this, Mix a handful of your garden soil with water to make a clump of mud and pour white vinegar from the kitchen on it; if it makes a fizzing sound, then you will know that your soil is alkaline  (pH above 7). And if nothing happens, make a fresh clump of mud and add baking soda; if it bubbles, then your soil is acidic (pH below 7). And nothing happens still, it’s neutral i.e. a pH of 7

tomotoes seedlings in egg cartons
the egg carton can be used for seedlings

2Egg Carton Seedling Planter

You those disposable plastic bags that you use to start seeds. Did you know you could just use egg cartons instead. The depressions found inside these cartons are just the right size to save seedlings – fill them with potting soil or seed mix and plant. Water sparingly; the cardboard will absorb the moisture and keep the soil from drying out too quickly.

Champagne corks for irrigation while you are away on vacation

3Low-Tech Automatic Wine Bottle Waterer

If you have a garden at the back of your home I’d suggest you start drinking a lot of wine.(LOL) Because you could use them to irrigate your crops when you away on some island enjoying your vacation – without investing in a costly irrigation plan, Simply drill a small hole in the cap or cork, fill the bottle with water and stick it upside down in the soil. The water will leak out very slowly over the course of several days to a week. Plan on about one bottle per square foot of soil.

Rungs can help you provide support for your plants

4Ladder Plant Stand

Growing plants vertically is a new way of farming, since we wont get any more land than we have now so we up-cycle an old ladder. It’s easy: place planks horizontally across each set of rungs(an horizontal ladder). You want the planks to extend a foot or so out from the rungs on either side, so cut them and position them properly. You can orient one side off the ladder toward the south for sun-loving plants(i.e. your day length plants)  and the other toward the north for shade-lovers.

I cannot stress the fact that having a garden saves you more money and you can decide to make it become a recreation. Simply enjoy while planting.

Just try these and you will see the improvement in your garden.

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